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Why Space In My Place? (SIMP) - We promote practical housing alternatives which are logical and beneficial to property owners and their housemates. Begin your new journey by registering below to receive SIMP's free introductory report: STACK UP YOUR CASH3.

SIMP is a practical, sustainable housing alternative - This is NOT the conventional 'rooms for rent' - it's much, much more. In some instances, the traditional room rental scenario can be a good short-term solution. However, the SIMP model incorporates other sustainable factors that foster longer-lasting benefits for property owners and their housemates.

SIMP's resources empower you to reclaim and rebuild your dreams while maintaining a quality lifestyle. As your financial stresses ease, other benefits and opportunities are certain to follow. SIMP coaching, tools and resources are designed for property owners who want to craft their own unique shared housing solutions.

SIMP connects people with common interests - In addition to the obvious financial advantages of sharing space, property owners and their housemates can enjoy many other benefits such as safety, security and more control over their time, money and other resources. 

SIMP is a proven process that allows property owners to eliminate
many of the headaches and costs normally associated with renting property. With SIMP Solutions, you can help yourself while helping others.

SIMP's 2-way matching helps ensure success. By registering and getting connected, you'll better understand and appreciate the SIMP selection process.  

SIMP resources and training will guide you through the process from A to Z including any construction needs.



SIMP is ideal for YOUNG ADULTS, PROFESSIONS, SENIORS, TALENTED INDIVIDUALS and FAMILIES. YES, you can 'stack up your cash' and have a quality living environment. Register and get the introductory report (it's free). Be sure to include your PROMO CODE if applicable. see properties




CONTRACTORS, CARPENTERS and other EXPERIENCED CRAFTSMEN are also encouraged to register. Crafting SIMP models often requires mild to heavy modifications and some of our Property Owners require a little assistance. Because you already have the building skills, making adjustments can be quick and SIMPle. During registration, be sure to tell us a little about your trade/skills and experience.



REGISTER TODAY for this introductory Report: STACK UP YOUR CASH3 (Emotional, Mental & Financial Capital)



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